Description: Traditional desktop PCs can always be used in your office or at home, but as they are so heavy and bulky, who really wants to move them about? And what do you do when you want to use your PC in various places and for a range of different purposes?
With DESKNOTE all these problems are solved.
Product Details


  • Portable like a laptop.
  • 40% Cheaper then a laptop.
  • Ideal replacement for desktop systems.
  • Comparable performance to a desktop.
  • Standard Desktop CPU's And Ram can be used.
  • Has all features found on a desktop system.


The latest P4 CPU
Powered by the latest Intel Pentium 4 CPU with support frequencies up to 2.8GHz, the i-Buddie 4 is the first P4 DeskNote computer in the world that offers the perfect computing power and incredible performance to professional users.

The i-Buddie 4 supports socket 478 Intel P4 processors from 1.4 to 2.8GHz including current Northwood core, which utilize the most advanced 0.13u process technology, delivering robust features and speed needed to run nowadays leading applications.
DDR266 / PC2100 support (DDR333 verified)
Equipped with one DDR DIMM sockets to support up to 1GB of DDR SDRAM, the i-Buddie 4 can easily handle the most memory-hungry applications.

Advanced SiS 650 chipset
SiS650 chipset integrates a high performance host interface and 3D/2D Graphic Engine for Intel Pentium 4 processor. The SiS "Ultra-AGPII" technology can Interconnects the integrated VGA and memory controller with up to 2GB data transfer rate. Moreover, the MuTIOL technology also provides sufficient handwidth for connecting with SiS 650 and SiS 961.

What is SiS MuTIOL Technology ?
SiS MuTIOL technology, the new bus architecture, connects SiS 650 and SiS 961 together, and delivers 533MB/s handwidth between North Bridge and South Bridge and even up to 1.2GB/s for South Bridge internal bus frequency.

Together with a huge 15.0" XGA / SXGA+ TFT LCD display, the i-Buddie 4 provides high quality visuals and maximum viewing area with 1024x768 / 1400x1050 resolutions.

3D / 2D Graphics Accelerator
High performance 256-Bit 3D/128-Bit 2D Graphic Engine integrated
Support SiS "Ultra-AGPII" technology with up to 2GB data transfer rate
Advanced hardware acceleration for DVD Playback
Superb graphics is achieved by AGP 4X interface, shared memory size up
to 64MB
Built-in high performance 333MHz RAMDAC and provides maximum
graphic mode resolution up to 2048x1536 at true colors

TV-Out Built-in
The S-Video TV-Out function is built-in for easier management of business presentations or home entertainment. You can bring your experience onto your TV and it will becomes a perfectly high performance home entertainment system with TV-Out capabilities.

Enhanced Stereo Sound
Two high quality stereo speakers with chamber are built-in to provide ideal audio capability



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